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. 17 Aug 2017 .

Being a terrible blogger, I saw this over a week ago and have only got around to posting my thoughts on it now, oops.

When the teaser trailer came out for this a while back, it looked interesting, but didn't know if it would be something I'd actually go and watch. Once it was released, I started to hear great things about it, and people talking about how it was the best film they've seen in a long time, wiping tears away. One day recently I met a man whose wife told me he was there, and was intrigued to watch the film to see if the boat he was on, which got hit, would be represented in the film. He was 100 years old, and I was so surprised! It was fascinating to have met him, if only briefly.

. 5 Aug 2017 .

I've felt...let's say, shite in the head department for quite sometime (read: as long as I can remember). And yes, with anything you can't see, people think that you must be absolutely fine. Most of the time I've felt relatively 'okay', or seemed it to others, but the little niggling, the worrying at the back of my mind starts to take over and there I am, thinking of all the ways a simple thing such as going out to get some fresh air, or popping down to the shops will go wrong. And then when I am have been out in public, and someone just look at me slightly strange as they pass, my head goes into panic mode. That I've got something on my face, or a multitude of other things that 98% of the time isn't the case. Apart from that one time I had hot chocolate on my face, walked through town, caught the bus home and had no idea until I walked in the door and saw a splodge of Costa's finest on my face.