1 Sep 2017

I announce my return to blogging, promise I'm going to post more, and then don't for 2 weeks. Round of applause for me being a complete tit. So this is going to be a sit down post. One of those, grab a cuppa (whether it's tea, coffee, your beverage of choice), and I am most likely going to blab on about things that have been going on in my life lately.'s September already? This year has been a weird one for many reasons, and has also flown by?


Pretty much what it says on the tin. I bought a new camera, because I've been without one for a few months. This time, I decided to go for a mirrorless camera, and went for the EOS M10. Mainly because it was in my price range, and love the look of it. I would have gone for the bloggers fave, the Olympus PEN, but didn't want to fork out another £100, just because. I love that it has a touchscreen as well. Haven't had time to flex it's muscles, but I have a couple of weeks off soon, so hoping I'll get to put it through it's paces then. The picture above was taken with it, and you know what? I love it.


Going to admit something I'm quite embarrassed about. I'm 26, and have been scared to learn to swim all my life. Used to go in the local pool when I was little, with armbands. Used to dip my toes in the sea on holiday. But had a genuine fear of wanting to learn to swim. So recently, when my dad was looking in a water sports shop, and whilst there, I decided to buy a wet suit, and flotation vest (it's not a life jacket, just has...floaty things on the front. Wow. Real technical jargon there, Meg). Went in the sea about 3/4 times, gradually finding the confidence to actually trust the vest, and bob about, finding it way too funny when I was just laying in the calm sea at one point...until earlier this week, I got out the water, took the vest off, and finally had the confidence to trust myself to float - basically the thing I've dreaded for so many years. Still getting there in regards to the breast stroke, but got there with allowing myself to float and not start panicking, thinking I'm going to that's a win in my books!


Don't trust tempered glass screen protectors. Insure your phones, guys!!! Managed to somehow smash part of mine, which makes no sense because I didn't drop it. Then, the next day I was in the supermarket, and it slipped out of my hoodie pocket - the screen protector going one way, my phone the other. So now I have two corners of my screen smashed, and if I want to get it fixed? £200+


Guess who manged to crush two of their fingers in a heavy door? This lass here. With how painful it was, I'm surprised I didn't swear like a sailor. Instead, I just started flapping about going "Ow.....OW?!?!?! Owwwwww!" Went to A&E, had an x-ray, turns out they aren't broken. Which I'm relieved about, but now can't seem to do simple, everyday things without them aching like hell. 

NORMALITY ( normal as you can get)

I'm sure that it was the day after my post on anti-depressants, I was feeling exhausted, and couldn't physically cry - which terrified me. My solution? STOP TAKING YOUR MEDICATION! But then after a week or so, realised how anxious I was getting, so started taking them and I think it's passed that time of feeling the horrendous side effects. To be honest, I feel they may have made me not think too much about swimming, and actually have the confidence to do it - so, that's one good thing, I suppose, right? 

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