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. 27 Oct 2017 .

White noise is the best way to describe how I'm feeling at the moment. I'm not necessarily down in the dumps, yet am not entirely happy, which a right pain in the ass because more than anything, I want to vent to people who are more than ready to listen, but how can you, when you aren't entirely sure why you feel the way you do? I hate it. Maybe writing this post may get thoughts out that I didn't realise were rattling about in there. I say that, but I've looked at the word 'noise' so much in trying to put this post together, that it doesn't look like it's a real word anymore.

. 17 Oct 2017 .
At the time of writing this post, I've been vegan for two weeks. And I'm loving it! For many years, I've been vegetarian...on and off. But I thought it was time I took the plunge, because damn it, dairy makes me feel like shit (even my so called bae - aka, cheese) and the way the dairy industry works to produce those pints?!?!? No, it's horrible and disgusting, and I don't want to be contributing to that in some shape or form.

Plus, to be truthful, apart from the excessive amount of Googling I've done checking if certain ingredients are's been pretty easy? And already in the short time I've changed up my eating habits entirely. I'm trying things I wouldn't usually do so - even enjoy going to the supermarket now! Even set up a vegan Instagram account, Plant Desab (psst, you should totally follow it)