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17 Oct 2017

At the time of writing this post, I've been vegan for two weeks. And I'm loving it! For many years, I've been vegetarian...on and off. But I thought it was time I took the plunge, because damn it, dairy makes me feel like shit (even my so called bae - aka, cheese) and the way the dairy industry works to produce those pints?!?!? No, it's horrible and disgusting, and I don't want to be contributing to that in some shape or form.

Plus, to be truthful, apart from the excessive amount of Googling I've done checking if certain ingredients are vegan...it's been pretty easy? And already in the short time I've changed up my eating habits entirely. I'm trying things I wouldn't usually do so - even enjoy going to the supermarket now! Even set up a vegan Instagram account, Plant Desab (psst, you should totally follow it)

Just a heads up that this post is just my thoughts on going vegan (obviously), and I'm only at the beginning of my journey with this way of life and eating. So I'm still learning, okay? Apologies in advance for any mistakes or whatnot.

Food and drink

I find myself exploring new cafes, and just opening my world to things I wouldn't have before. You also discover that there are more products than you think in shops, that are accidentally vegan. The best place to go? Aldi! On one of the first days, I thought I went a little over the top buying stuff in there, but it only came to just over £10 - and that got me greens, snacks, and numerous dinners! So when people say it's expensive to go vegan...it's really not true. It's only expensive if you make it so. Pretty sure vegans existed on this planet before supermarkets existed, but went by another name. If they could do it, so can you.

One of my favourite discoveries, although it's not really a discovery - I saw it on Tara's blog, and basically jumped for joy when I finally found some at my local wholefoods store, is the babe that is jackfruit. You've probably seen floating about online, about some fruit that is basically vegan pulled pork? This is it. It's sweet, but also soaks in whatever flavours you are cooking with it. The pulled pork aspect is more the texture of it. But it's so good - I like to chuck in greens, some nooch (vegan nutritional yeast) alongside some of this bad boy, and whatever you want to make a sauce with. Last time I had some, it was with maple agave, sweet chili sauce and mild curry powder. Drooling as I type this...

Let's talk about drink. Both non-alcoholic and alcoholic.
First up, Sweet Freedom's choc shot. I saw this in Aldi for a couple of quid, and thought I'd give it a go. Warm up some soya milk (or dairy free milk of your choice) and stir a couple of spoonfuls of this stuff in? Cocoa heaven in my mouth. It's so delicious that I will be getting through this in no time at all.

I'm not a big fan of alcohol. I've never been someone to get drunk, and spend a ton of money on a night out, on alcohol. But recently got into cider, but it was only when going vegan that I realised not all cider is vegan-friendly. Lots of companies, such as Rekorderlig use gelatine in their processes.

One company who is vegan, however, is Brothers. Let me tell you, their toffee apple cider is the one. I'm yet to taste their other flavours, but am excited to try them!

I've also been on the look out for vegan cafes and in the local area, there are actually quite a few? Although when me and Georgia went searching, whilst shooting some pictures...all of them seemed to be closed on a Tuesday! Obviously that means there's more reason to go and try them out some other time...right?

And let's not forget Beelzebab, in The Hope and Ruin in Brighton. The food there is vegan, and the cheese on their fries is so melty (I don't care if that's not a real word) it makes me emotional.


This was pretty easy for me. I don't wear fur, haven't ever worn real leather and have never been a fan of animal skin being worn on mine. It just doesn't seem right. The only thing from my wardrobe I have had to get rid of (donated to a charity shop) was a heavy wool jacket. Everything else is made of things that are vegan-friendly, so that's great! I'm also trying to shop more in charity shops - this may mean more fashion posts, if I find an outfit that looks fab. 

Body and hair care

I already am a huge fan of Original Source who are vegan, but on the hair care front, even if I don't have long locks, is something I wanted to change my ways regarding as well. Thankfully, Superdrug do a lot of cruelty-free items, and I managed to pick up these for a couple of quid, when other shops want to charge silly amounts.

I'm proud of myself doing this, as in these past couple of weeks, I am noticing physical and mental changes since becoming vegan, and that obviously makes me happy. It also is making me look at things in the world slightly differently. That sounds like some hippy rubbish, but there are certain things I'm taking a step back regarding, or taking steps forward. Wow, okay, leaving you with some cryptic stuff there....

Any fellow vegans in the house?

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