Trying to find 'the' jacket

7 Nov 2017

Back in school, I hated puffer jackets. To be honest, I had no fashion sense whatsoever until I went to college, where I started to experiment a little more. To be truthful, I'm jealous of my college self. I wore some snazzy outfits. Fast forward 7+ years (oh my god, it's been more than 7 years since I left school?) And I have been on the hunt for the perfect jacket for the past month or two - my requirements? Big, a little loose, and snug. Not asking for much, but it seemed to be quite the challenge. 

So imagine how excited I was when I found this one in Pull & Bear for £29.99. Being a stingy cow, I didn't want to buy it if it was going to be too fitting, even if it did suit me. I WANTED THAT SLIGHTLY LOOSE FIT, DAMN IT. Thankfully it was, plus I needed another jacket to replace some of the others that went to charity shops - I wouldn't wear them, due to what they were made of (wool).

The thing I love about it is the collar. Mainly because if I want to hide, keep my face warm or stop my neck from aching too much - the joys of my joints hurting in some shape or form is a fun old time in winterAll I have to do is zip it up, and bam - somewhat invisible, AND warm. What more could you want? (And why the hell am I getting overexcited about how the collar of a jacket should function...) 

Are you a fan of puffer jackets?

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