Enviro-aims for 2018

13 Jan 2018

I have resolutions/aims/whatever you want to name them, that I want to do this year regarding moi but not going to put those online, only for me to get to the end of the year and realise none of them were successful (although I'm certain that's not going to be the case). So, thought that I'd talk about what things I would like to implement into my life regarding the environment.

Cut out the plastic

When I started to write this post, popped onto eBay and bought some netted shopping bags - I like buying fruit and veg that isn't in packaging, and when I can, I try not to use the plastic bags they have in the fruit and veg section (mainly because sometimes it can work out cheaper to weigh whatever you are buying, instead of buying something that's in plastic packaging, just because it seems like a bargain). By the time I post this, I've actually received the bags and I love them. They take up next to no space in my bag, which is perfect!

However, I do realise that I'm not going to be able to cut plastic out entirely...although I'll try my best.

Also planning to buy myself some metal straws in the near future. Although I'm not exactly a social butterfly, so probably don't have a need for them at this point in time.

Take part in beach cleans

I live on the coast, go for walks by the sea quite often to feel the wind through my short hair - and it makes me sad to see the rubbish people leave, or that is washed in from another part of the world. Achy joints permitting, I will try to take part in a couple of beach cleans this year. Even if I don't take part in any, then may take bags and a grabby claw when I go for a walk (remember the ones you could get with various animals with their jaws being the grabby part? Wow, grabby part. I'm 27 this year, and can't think of the name of the object, and the part I'm talking about).

Walk whenever possible

That's easier said than done and sounds stupidly simple. But where I live, I need public transport to get anywhere. However...once I'm there, I plan to make sure I walk, if the destination is manageable for me and my pins. I will do what I can, but also not putting my body at risk of too much pain.

Eat my greens

Never thought I'd say it, but I love my greens. This sort of leads on from my first point, but just because vegans don't eat animal products, doesn't mean they can't eat junk food. Honestly, I've not been the best vegan. (I dare you to try a Sarelle Bar and not fall in love with how good it tastes....). But for the past couple of weeks I've been having a ton of greens for lunch, or dinner - sometimes if I'm feeling wild, then for lunch AND dinner. I know, such a daredevil. And I have noticed a change in myself.

Now, that's not saying that my life will consist purely of greens, because if you've tried the cocoa  and vanilla protein flapjacks from Graze, you'll know they're hard to quit. They remind me of the chocolate rice puff cakes you'd make as a kid!

Become more immersed in the vegan community

I have friends and colleagues that are vegan, and follow a fair few Facebook pages and Instagram accounts, but feel I need to do more. Whether that's taking part in demonstrations, going to events...I want to try and do more.

Have you got any aims for this year to help Mother Nature?

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