Guess who's back...back again

2 Jan 2018

Meg is back...tell a friend. 

Holy shitballs you guys, it's been almost 2 months since I last posted. It's been a bit of a rollercoaster for the past few months both physically, mentally and just life in general. Plus I wanted to take a step back from blogging because the love for it had somewhat gone. Everything about the blogging...industry I suppose, seems to be this idea of perfection and boyyy, that ain't me. 

I'm currently sat in bed, aching in places I probably didn't know I can ache in, trying to chill as much as possible before I fall asleep from exhaustion, or something like that. Am I getting old, when a treat to myself is a new quilt? Honestly though, it feels like I've got a cloud wrapped around me. L-O-V-I-N-G I-T.

Trying to think of interesting things that have happened since November. But me being a boring old fart who is a hermit means that there's little on that front. 

- 3rd January will mark 3 months since I became vegan. And I still love exploring new foods, ideas for meals and getting to look more into the vegan community. It's interesting as well seeing the changes in myself due to the foods I'm eating. 

- The day after my previous post, I bleached and toned my hair grey. Kind of loved the colour, but couldn't be bothered to keep doing it once the colour started to fade. See what I mean about perfection? I'm too lazy to attempt it.

- I decided to change my behaviour/attitude for 2018. In what way I hear you ask! Well, you aren't asking, but I'm going to tell you anyway.
  • Swear more. I feel it'll be a good way to let some anger out.
  • Try not to let things get to me. Leave it at the door.
  • Switch off, mentally as often as I can. Okay...that definitely sounds like I want to be on autopilot. Well, I will do if this year starts to resemble '17 in some shape or form.

Hope everyone had an amazing festive season, and a great New Year's!

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