Why you are rockin' the way you are, right now

16 Feb 2018

If I had to describe my body shape, it would be a slightly funny looking potato. You know...the one that has something about it makes you think 'hey, you are cool'. Also, it would be the potato I'd buy because it sticks out to me. Okay, fantastic. It's 2018 and I'm talking about my internal monologue when I see potatoes. Also...it's making me hungry.

To me, I'm in that sort of middle ground. Not skinny, but not curvy or plus size. Just short and a bit podgy here and there I suppose. My body constantly has bruises, which leads me to believe that maybe I should go live in a bubble. No day is complete without my managing to injure myself in some shape or form.

I have stretchmarks, cellulite and dimples, which I used to loathe the fact these existed on my body. To be honest, I'm still learning to love them. Can't exactly do much to make them go. Also...effort. I want to live my life, not spend time attempting to get rid of things that I only ever notice when I make the conscious effort to focus on them. Which let's be real...that's really not that often.Sure, I don't have the confidence to wear skirts or shorts because I'll spend the entire time worrying about the fact that my thighs and calves jiggle. But also, I'm hella pale. Wow, it's almost like we're supposed to not have any body part wobble because heaven forbid muscle and fat actually ever WOBBLE. Why do we have it ingrained in our minds that we need to look a specific way to be appealing to others? It's a laugh! Somebody should find me appealing the way I am. Simple as.  

You know what? Those shiny little buggers on my thighs and elsewhere? They belong there. Showing me how I've grown from a young un, into a woman. We're not all going to stay one size forever. Cool if you do, but there's no point beating yourself up if you do fluctuate in dress size. When I was in school and college, I was a 6-8. Now, I'm anything between a 12-16 due to variation of sizes in shops.

People need to realise that life happens. As corny as it is, things are always happening and changing and that includes your body. Be proud that your body helps you to live, and exist. It's the vessel we sail through life in (what the actual fork Meg), and love it however you want. Shouldn't matter if it doesn't conform to what the media sees as attractive. Because lets be real...the media and what we see on screen is curated to be like that for a reason. They try to make everything attractive which is kind of tiresome. Plus it's only recently that shows and films are starting to actually show any real kind of diversity in regards of body type, sexuality and race as lead roles. Which let's be real...is a pain in the ass. People want to see themselves in the media they consume! Sure, we want to be taken away to other worlds, but just a heads up for the directors and writers of Hollywood...if you are wanting to reflect real life on the big screen, then start casting actors that are diverse. There's only so much people can take of action films where the white, muscled dude is going to save his wife, and somehow he can amazingly defeat all these people to get to them because his love for her is that strong. Someone hand me a grater because damn, it's cheesy. I saw Black Panther recently and came out of the cinema just thinking YES. There were literally two white characters, the rest being POC, and I'm annoyed it's taken this long for Marvel to have a film that wasn't whiter than Casper the Friendly Ghost. Also the film is awesome, has a great soundtrack and love the fact that the focus isn't on just the main character. That the women around him share the screen time as well and are all freakin' amazing.

Right. Let's talk about food. I started with it in this post, and I'm gonna end with it. I love food. And surprisingly (although it shouldn't be)  being vegan doesn't necessarily mean I've turned into a rabbit. I can still eat 'unhealthily'. Sure, I eat my greens, but you bet that after a knackering day I'm gonna grab the dairy-free Ben & Jerry's, or make the cheesiest pasta possible because why the hell not? I can indulge with foods I love and we shouldn't feel guilty about it.

If you are reading this, and have got this far through the post...congratulations because I have blabbed on. But also, I have no idea what you look like, but I know you are rockin' what you got. You are a total babe and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Unless it's more compliments and then let them know to keep them coming your way, obviously. 

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