Who are you?

Please read that question in this style. And if you already read it that way, then you are clearly my kind of person. My name is Meg, I'm 26 years old and am usually found talking too much about nothing in particular, and am most likely found to have the dance moves of your father. Yes, you read that right. Here are some unimportant things about me to make me sound more interesting (but don't, in any shape or form):
  • I'm really clumsy. It's scary. If I don't drop something at least once a day, then I'm tripping over or walking into something/someone. Pretty sure I need to live in one of those bubbles. 
  • I've recently gone vegan...and I love it. Hopefully this will lead to me posting about it a fair bit on here, but we'll see!
  • If you ask how I am, nine times out of ten the answer will be 'ehhhhhhh...'. This is because I suffer with chronic pain, and am always aching in some shape or form. The joys of feeling old before your time - cheers Fibro and Hypermobility. Love you guys.

What the heck is 'Elmpetra'?

The name derives from a few things from when I was younger, and to be honest, I just smushed them together, and the name sounded cool. Simple as that!

So, what kind of content will you be posting?

Elmpetra is primarily a lifestyle blog, where I'll chat about mental health, sexuality, veganism...and oh, fangirl over actors and actresses, and whatever else floats my boat. I'm too indecisive to have a blog focusing on one thing!

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